Døvikfoss, Norway

Toward the end of 2014, ANDRITZ HYDRO was awarded a contract by EB kraftproduksjon for the supply of a new Kaplan runner for the bulb turbine at HPP Døvikfoss.

HPP Døvikfoss is located in Buskerud County in southern Norway. It was originally commissioned in 1975. Initially no major rehabilitation work was planned, but due to a generator breakdown in February 2014 with an estimated outage time of about 1.5 years, the customer decided to upgrade the turbine in parallel with the generator repair work.

ANDRITZ HYDRO will supply rehabilitation work, reconstruction of the guide vane apparatus connection, the delivery of a new High Pressure Unit (HPU) for runner and guide vane control and a new cooling system, as well as a high pressure water unit for gate control. The new runner will be water filled (glycol), reducing the risk of emission of oil into the river.

Manufacturing and assembly of the runner, the works on-site, and commissioning will be executed by ANDRITZ HYDRO Norway. ANDRITZ HYDRO Finland will perform the drawings and the calculations.

The HPP Døvikfoss project emphasizes the good relationship between ANDRITZ HYDRO and EB kraftproduksjon.


Output:15 MW
Voltage:4.8 kV
Head:5.85 m
Speed:75 rpm
Runner diameter:6,400 mm
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