Innertkirchen 1, Switzerland

In October 2014, the first project milestone at the Innertkirchen 1 hydropower plant was completed on schedule by concreting the turbine housing and the distributor pipe.

This follows an April 2013 order from KWO, Kraftwerke Oberhasli AG, for ANDRITZ HYDRO to install a six-jet Pelton turbine within the newly established underground cavern of HPP Innertkirchen 1.

ANDRITZ HYDRO Switzerland and Austria (Weiz and Vienna) are in charge of design, manufacturing, transport, installation and commissioning of the turbine, the generator, the brushless excitation system, the voltage regulator as well as the generator leads.

The generator will be pre-assembled at ANDRITZ HYDRO Weiz, Austria, by May 2015. Until then, ANDRITZ HYDRO Switzerland will manufacture the turbine governor (hydraulic and electronic), the control system, the runner, and the intakes as well as some auxiliary components before the main installation starts in May 2015. After completion of the penstock by KWO, the Innertkirchen 1 hydropower plant will be fed by water from the Grimsel catchment area.


Output:150 MW / 165 MVA
Voltage:13 kV
Head:664 m
Speed:375 rpm
Runner diameter:2,770 mm
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