HYDRO News "The Americas"

Special edition on the development of hydropower in North, South America and Canada

Country reports

Reservoir and power house of HPP La Yesca
Mexico - An Emerging Global Player

In recent years, the government has introduced economic reforms with the aim of improving competitiveness and economic growth of the Mexican economy.

Barro Blanco
Central America and Caribbean Islands - A Growing Economy through Green Energy

The population’s access to electricity was increased to an average of about 85% as of today.

Costa Rica - The Country of Renewable Power

Although the electrification rate of Costa Rica is more than 99% and therefore the highest in Central America, electricity demand is continuously increasing.

Inspection of valve for HPP Coca Codo Sinclair
Ecuador - Hydropower, the Energy Source of the Future

Electricity demand is expected to increase dramatically over the next decade in Ecuador.

Colombia - Clean Energy for a Green Country

Colombia's com­mitment to renewable energy has allowed the country to rank among the top 10 nations in the world in terms of green energy.

Installation works at HPP Cerro del Águila
Peru - Renewable Energy for an Emerging Country

Peru is one of the most promising energy markets in Latin America due to modernization, natural resource abundance and improvements on economic stability.

Aerial view of HPP Irara
Brazil - Hydropower Energizing People

Brazil is the second-largest producer of hydroelectric power in the world and has the largest hydropower resources in South America.

Spillway at HPP Angostura, the third hydropower plant in a cascade at the Bío Bío River
Chile - Enriching a Stable Economy

Chile is one of South America's most stable and prosperous economies. The energy sector is largely privatized, particularly the power industry.

Bolivian landscape
Bolivia - Great Prospects for Hydropower

In 2015, the Bolivian government passed an investment law in order to improve the investment climate and hence boost energy production.