Rheinkraftwerk Iffezheim

Commissioning of fifth turbine at Germany’s largest run-of-river power station

With the implementation of an additional fifth unit, HPP Iffezheim has become the largest run-of-river power station in Germany over the last four years.

Inauguration ceremony

Inauguration ceremony

Kaplan runner during manufacturing

Bird’s eye view of the hydro power plant

The contract to deliver a fifth unit for HPP Iffezheim was signed between Rheinkraftwerk Iffezheim (RKI) and ANDRITZ HYDRO in October 2008.

With a maximum output of 38 MW the turbine-generator unit represents the core of this order. The horizontal bulb turbine has a remarkable runner diameter of 6,800 mm.

The scope of supply also included auxiliary systems, like drainage and dewatering, dual-circuit cooling water system, oil-hydraulic governor, as well as excitation, automation, control and protection system.

After the erection of the draft tube (diameter: 9.8 m, height: 5.5 m) with more than 30 tons in April 2011, the suction tube liner was installed at the end of 2011. The main installation was completed at the end of 2012. Due to high floodwaters the commissioning of the unit was delayed until mid-May 2013.

The official inauguration of the fifth unit took place in October 2013. As part of the formal speeches, EU Commissioner Günther Öttinger and the Secretary of State of Baden-Württemberg, Silke Krebs, have put significant emphasis on the achievements of the engineering work associated with the extension, as well as hydropower’s environmental contribution. Due to the installation of the fifth turbine, 122 GWh of electrical energy will be generated annually, thus saving about 11.000 tons of CO2 emissions a year.

The completion of the expansion works at HPP Iffezheim proved to be a total success for RKI and ANDRITZ HYDRO.


Output:38 MW
Head:9.5 m
Speed:83.3 rpm
Runner diameter:6,800 mm
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