Finland - Mankala

ANDRITZ HYDRO Finland has signed a contract with Oy Mankala Ab (part of Helsinki Energia Oy) for upgrading three Kaplan turbines at Mankala run-of-river hydropower plant, which was originally commissioned in 1950.

The scope of supply for ANDRITZ HYDRO includes new oil-free runners, shafts, guide vanes, high pressure units, oil heads and the service of major parts. In addition to the three Kaplan turbines, under the terms of the contract the existing auxiliary turbine, which enables black start capability of the plant, will be refurbished.

The aim of the project is to raise the output by 2.5 MW to a maximum output per unit of 12.5 MW. After the rehabilitation, efficiency will be increased by 4% points which means an extra supply of electrical energy to the Finish grid. All model tests have been realized at ANDRITZ HYDRO’s hydraulic laboratory in Tampere, Finland.



Output:3 x 12.5 MW           
Head:8.5 m
Speed:107.1 rpm
Runner diameter:4,660 mm
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