Indonesia - Cianten 1, Cianten 1B and Cianten 3

In May 2013, ANDRITZ HYDRO received an order from PT.

Jaya Dinamika Geohidroenergi (JDG) for the supply, transport, installation and commissioning of the complete electromechanical equipment for Cianten 1, Cianten 1B and Cianten 3, three hydropower plants located in West Java, Indonesia.

Cianten IMG_0323

JDG is a newly-established independent hydropower producer in Indonesia with a strategic plan to become a major independent power producer in the emerging compact hydro energy market in Indonesia.

The order for these three plants completes the cascade of four plants on the Cianten River, developed by JDG.

The order for Cianten 2 was already awarded to ANDRITZ HYDRO in 2012 and is currently undergoing completion. All three new plants are scheduled to be completed in 12 months.


Cianten1/Cianten 1B/Cianten 3:


Output:950 kW/3,200 kW/2,910 kW       
Head:27.70 m/95.52 m/56.70 m
Speed:600 rpm/750 rpm/600 rpm
Runner diameter:816 mm/780 mm/904 mm
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