Austria - Rothleiten

The Frohnleiten Energie- und Liegenschaftsverwaltung GmbH (FEL) runs HPP Rothleiten in the Austrian province of Styria.

Since 1925, five Francis turbines have discharged the water of the Mur River.


After investigations about suitable forms of rehabilitation or reconstruction and upgrading, it was finally agreed to build a complete new hydropower station. In September 2013, the contract between FEL and ANDRITZ HYDRO Germany for the delivery of the complete electromechanical equipment was signed. The new run-of-river power plant will include a three-section weir. The power house equipment consists of two horizontally installed bulb turbines (runner diameter of 3,650 mm) and direct coupled medium-voltage synchronous generators (6.3 kV). A comprehensive electrical infrastructure with turbine governor, automation and excitation is also included in the scope of supply from ANDRITZ HYDRO. In addition to the improved flood protection, hydrogeological and ecological accompanying measures will be implemented.

During the construction period the operation of the old power station is to be maintained. The start of commercial operation of the new plant is scheduled for summer 2015.


Output (approx.):2 x 5.1 MW
Head:5.71 m
Speed:120 rpm
Runner diameter:each 3,650 mm          
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