Mini Compact Hydro - France and Georgia

ANDRITZ HYDRO has continued its success with Mini Compact Hydro solutions.

 In the last few months we received new orders for Pelton, Francis and Kaplan turbines.

With a head ranging from 3 m to over 626 m and a power output from 144 kW to 2,770 kW, this selection of awarded projects represents the range of solutions offered by ANDRITZ HYDRO for any kind of small hydropower plant.

Depending on the project, ANDRITZ HYDRO can provide either the turbine and generator only or can deliver a turnkey package, including electrical and control equipment.

HPP Brienne and HPP Gignac consist of low head Kaplan turbines with a runner diameter of 1,200 mm but different arrangements: a slanted axis for HPP Brienne and vertical axis for HPP Gignac. The turbine and generator will be delivered within seven months.

As a result of the highly satisfactory technical and economic performance of the Akhmeta hydropower plant, the first ANDRITZ HYDRO project in Georgia, GeoEnergy LLC decided to assign ANDRITZ HYDRO its new project, the Stori hydropower plant, consisting of a turnkey package with a small Francis turbine.

While the configuration is the same, both horizontal Pelton turbines, for HPP Les Encombres and HPP La Revolleyre are quite different projects in terms of power output and the size of the installation. Both hydropower plants will be installed in the French Alps, close to Grenoble.

Technical data




Output:2 x 144 kW                          
Head:3.4 m
Speed:274 rpm
Runner diameter:1,200 mm

Les Encombres:


Output:1 x 2,770 kW
Head:626 m
Speed:1,500 rpm
Runner diameter:660 mm

La Revolleyre:


Output:1 x 230 kW
Head:190 m
Speed:1,500 rpm
Runner diameter:360 mm



Output:1 x 320 kW
Head:6 m
Speed:363 rpm
Runner diameter:1,200 mm



Output:1 x 1,880 kW
Head:40.7 m
Speed:600 rpm
Runner diameter:888 mm
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