Russia - Lykovskaya

ANDRITZ HYDRO has signed a rehabilitation contract for the electromechanical equipment at HPP Lykovskaya in Russia.

Lykovskaya, kaplan_au_schoeneberg-184_Feindaten

The existing hydropower station is located approx. 300 km south of Moscow, near the city of Mzensk on the Zusha River. It was originally built in 1953.

The owner, Lykovskaya HPP Ltd., discovered the potential of the location and pushed on the revitalization of the power station, which has been out of operation for several years.

ANDRITZ HYDRO’s scope of supply comprises one vertical Compact Kaplan turbine, a direct-coupled synchronous generator, electrical control equipment, as well as the supervision of erection and commissioning. The hydraulic water passage of the existing building, especially the spiral intake and the draft tube, shall be retained as far as possible.

The start of commercial operation is scheduled for July 2015.


Output:1.3 MW
Head:5.6 m
Speed:176.47 rpm                             
Runner diameter:2,150 mm
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