Araraquara - New ANDRITZ HYDRO INEPAR Instrumentation Laboratory in Brazil

In March 2014, operations began at the ANDRITZ HYDRO Inepar’s new Brazilian Instrumentation Laboratory in Araraquara, in the state of São Paulo.

The laboratory will assist field crews and allows to test and validate new instruments.

Constant innovation in engineering technology in search and development of intelligent solutions has ensured the continued success of ANDRITZ HYDRO in Brazil. The company has the preference of clients, who are attracted by competitive advantages that weigh at the moment of decision making in a market where the competition is increasingly fierce. Thus the department of turbine and generator engineering developed and assembled the Instrumentation Laboratory to overcome the challenges seen in that field.

This facility has many advantages:

  • reduced internal transportation costs
  • an increased number of specialists trained in instrumentation
  • proven agility in presenting solutions step-by-step
  • instruction, testing, simulation and equipment testing on communication platforms used in worksites, including the ASi (Actuator Sensor-Interface) network, equipment developments, modifications of PLCs (Programmable logical Control) software and HMI (Human Machine Interface) screens and preventive actions  

The new laboratory allows ANDRITZ HYDRO to test and validate new instruments to be used at generating units on calibration desks, instrument fault detection and simulation, boosting client confidence.

Moreover, this new system of work provides sound integration between the technical proposals department and those of turbine and generator engineering as well as quality and supervision within the field, making it the current benchmark in the use and performance of instrumentation for hydropower generating units.

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