Norway - Hakavik

Statkraft awarded a contract to ANDRITZ HYDRO for the supply of electro-mechanical equipment for the Hakavik railroad hydropower plant in Norway in May 2015.

HPP Hakavik is located at the Eikeren Lake in Buskerud County and was originally commissioned in 1922. The hydropower plant contains four 2.3 MW Pelton units.

ANDRITZ HYDRO will replace one of the existing units with a new Pelton unit with a higher output of 5.5 MW including supply of the associated generator, automation, control and EPS equipment, an inlet valve, and a new inlet penstock with 100 m length. The project is a collaboration between ANDRITZ HYDRO teams from Norway and Switzerland.

Completion of the project is scheduled for 2018. The Hakavik hydropower plant will provide an average annual production of about 26 GWh of electrical energy to the Norwegian railroad.

Technical data

Output:5.50 MW
Head:380 m
Speed:500 rpm
Runner diameter:1,540 mm
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