Guatemala - Renace II

In October 2012 ANDRITZ HYDRO Spain received an order from Cobra Infraestructuras Hidraulicas for the supply of four six-nozzle vertical Pelton turbines, four generators and four main inlet valves for HPP Renace II in Guatemala.

HPP Renace II

Renace II hydropower station is located downstream of HPP Renace I, close to the cities San Pedro and Coban, in the Alta Verapaz state (Guatemala). This area is inhabited by Mayan Indians, who show a high degree of respect for the environment. Manufacturing, preassembly and testing of the main turbine and valve components are being performed at the ANDRITZ HYDRO workshop in Algete (Spain). Alconza Berango, which is located in Vizcaya (Spain) will deliver the four synchronous generators.

Technical data


Output:30.4 MW
Head:342 m
Speed:450 rpm
Runner diameter:1,640 mm
Nozzle:6 x 206 mm                      

Main valve:

Diameter:1,500 mm
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