Osselle, La Malate & Vitry

Since the incorporation of the TOUL site into the group, ANDRITZ HYDRO received three orders for projects in France, thus bringing the benefit of its longstanding experience to the Mini Compact Hydro market.


The first order, HPP Osselle, awarded by SPER, an independent power producer, consists of the supply of three Kaplan turbines with a siphon type construction, to replace the three old Francis turbines of the existing power plant. Another independent power producer, ELM S.A.S, sent an order for two axial Kaplan turbines for HPP La Malate, with its open flume type construction. These two projects are both located in the Doubs region, which is suitable for the development of hydropower. GCE, a company specialized in construction industry, awarded the third contract, HPP Vitry, where ANDRITZ HYDRO has to deliver three Kaplan turbines with a siphon type construction.

Technical data




Output:167.5 kW
Head:1.85 m
Speed:121 rpm
Runner diameter:2,000 mm



Output:130.4 kW
Head:2.60 m
Speed:205 rpm
Runner diameter:1,400 mm

La Malate:


Output:420.5 MW
Head:2.10 m
Speed:91 rpm
Runner diameter:2,800 mm
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