Switzerland - Tobel Oberschan

The village-union of Oberschan recently placed a purchase order with ANDRITZ HYDRO for a new vertical Pelton turbine.

The order includes the supply, the installation and the commissioning of a vertical four-jet Pelton turbine with a power output of 118 kW, as well a control system, it includes, the inlet valve, pipework and an asynchronus generator.

In 1916 the electrics-union Oberschan built the small hydropower plant Tobel, which has been in operation until now. This old machine is still working, but after almost 100 years the commune Wartau decided on having the unit replaced by a new power plant.

The water of the Mühlbach and Schmittendrain creek is used for this hydropower plant. The downhill distance between HPP Oberschan and HPP Tobel is approximately 69.2 m. The Mühlbach creek supplies the waterflow through an intake at “Untere Mühle” (Badeck). This water is conducted by gravity-flow line to the compensation reservoir Mühlebunt. The commissioning of the new power plant is scheduled for autumn 2013.

Technical data

Output118 kw
Head58 m
Speed600 rpm
Runner diameter510 m
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