Bulgaria - Kadievo

At the beginning of August 2013 ANDRITZ HYDRO was awarded by NAT 2004 Ldt. to deliver, install and put into operation the equipment for the low head run-of-river power station Kadievo.

HPP Kadievo is located on the Vacha River close to the city of Plovdiv (Bulgaria).

ANDRITZ HYDRO will deliver a four-blade bevel gear bulb turbine, a low voltage synchronous generator (1,500 kVA, 400V), a hydraulic oil pressure unit, control-visualization-measuring and protection equipment of the turbine/generator set, LV-circuit breakers for the generator, a 400 V bus bar system with AC-DC distribution as well as the trash rack, an automatic hydraulic trash rack cleaning machine and a chain conveyor system for the debris.

Commissioning of the equipment is scheduled for the end of 2014.

Technical data


Output:1.32 MW
Head:5.72 m
Speed:210 rpm / 750 rpm           
Runner diameter:1,950 mm

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