Lebanon - Markabi/Bekaa

ANDRITZ HYDRO received an order from the Republic of Lebanon / CDR and ONL for the rehabilitation of generator #1 at HPP Markabi (Lebanon).

The Markabi underground power plant is first inline of three power plants in a cascade generating electricity and irrigation to the surrounding area. The scheme takes water from the Litani River (Bekaa valley) at 858 m above sea level from Karaoun dam (storage volume 220 mio. m³). The refurbishment is contracted by the Lebanese Council for Development and Re-construction (CDR).

The scope for ANDRITZ HYDRO is defined by the upgrading from 21.25 to 24 MVA and comprises a new stator, new pole windings, rehabilitation of rotor, exciter and bearings, new coolers and cooling pipes.

Technical data

Output:1 x 24 MVA                 
Speed:600 rpm
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