Canada - Beechwood

In February 2013, ANDRITZ HYDRO Canada was awarded a contract for the refurbishment of the unit 1 Kaplan turbine at NB Power’s Beechwood generating station which is situated on the Saint John River in New Brunswick (Canada).

Originally provided by Dominion Engineering Works in 1957, the main objective is to restore the operation of the turbine, which has been operating with its blades locked in a fixed position since the 1970’s. The project started in June 2013 and is planned to be completed in March 2014. The work consists of the disassembly and reassembly of the unit, inspections and refurbishment of the components of the turbine and the conversion to selflubricated materials throughout. The 5.5 m Kaplan runner, fully assembled, is currently on its way to a refurbishment shop, lying 550 km away.

Technical data

Output:33.5 MW
Voltage:13.8 kV
Head:17.4 m
Speed:   109.1 rpm  
Runner diameter:5,537 mm

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