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People's Republic of China - Hydropower Connects History with Future

China implemented several economic reforms in order to cut its carbon dioxide emissions in the future. The government is seeking to add energy production capacity from sources other than coal and oil, focusing on nuclear and renewable energy development.

Recent annual hydro gene­ration is about 40% of the technically feasible potential of 2,720,000 GWh, which means there is a huge potential waiting to be developed.

A village near Lalashan hydropower plant


ANDRITZ HYDRO had first established a representative office in China in 1984. The current legal entity in China was founded in 2002, with branch offices presently located in Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Hangzhou, and manufacturing centers in Chancheng and Sanshui.
ANDRITZ HYDRO has a long history in China, with first turbine deliveries back in the 1930s (HPP Fang Man).

Through the years, ANDRITZ HYDRO could record some large contracts such as HPP Sanxia (6×710 MW), HPP Pubugou (3×611 MW), HPP Er Tan (6×582 MW), HPP Lijiaxia (5×408 MW), HPP Guangzhou (4×326 MW), HPP Tongbai (4×322 MW), and HPP Tian­huanping (6×306 MW).
ANDRITZ HYDRO has delivered more than 550 units with a total capacity of almost 43,000 MW.

HPP Da A Guo: 

For the hydropower plant Da A Guo, ANDRITZ HYDRO was awarded a contract by Yajiang JinTong Hydroelectric Development Co Ltd. for the supply, installation, and commissioning of two 130 MW Pelton units. The first unit will be handed over to the customer for commercial operation in mid-2017.

HPP Shen Zhen: 

In January 2014, Shen Zhen pumped storage Co., Ltd.awar­ded a contract to ANDRITZ HYDRO for design, manufacturing, installation, and commissioning of four spherical valves and its accessories. The valves have a diameter of 2,300 mm and a head of 720 m – the second highest water head in ANDRITZ HYDRO’s valve reference list. The plant will be put into commercial operation in 2017.

HPP Sanchahe: 

In February 2014, ANDRITZ HYDRO received a contract from Yunnan Baoshan Binlangjiang Hydro Power Development Co. Ltd for the supply of three turbine-generator units for the 75 MW Sanchahe hydropower plant. The scope of supply included design, manufacturing, and transportation, as well as site supervision and commissioning. Commercial operation of unit #1 started in December 2015.

HPP Lalashan: 

In 2010, ANDRITZ HYDRO received a contract from Huaneng Hydropower Company for the supply of electro-mechanical equipment including design, manufacturing, transportation, installation supervision, and commissioning of two 48 MW Francis turbines, generators and valves for the Lalashan hydropower plant. In October 2015, the plant was handed over to the customer for commercial operation.

HPP Gong Ge Er: 

In 2010, ANDRITZ HYDRO signed a contract with Kunming Electrical Machinery Co., Ltd (E&M contractor) for the supply, design, manufacturing, supervision, and commissioning of three 67 MW vertical, six-jet Pelton turbines for HPP Gong Ge Er. In September 2014, the units were handed over to the customer for commercial operation.
This order was the first Pelton turbine project for ANDRITZ HYDRO in China.

ANDRITZ HYDRO is devoted to supply state-of-the-art technology and tailor-made solutions to provide first-class products and services to the customer.


1,364 Mio.  Population
100%Access to electricity
301,800 MWInstalled hydro capacity
50,000 MWHydro capacity under construction
17%Share of generation from hydropower
1,066,000 GWhHydro generation
2,720,000 GWhTechnically feasible hydro generation potential                    

Hydropower & Dams World Atlas 2015 and The World Bank

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