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Special edition with emphasis on the Asian market. (February 2015).

Country reports

Area near Issyk 2 hydropower project
Republic of Kazakhstan - Hydropower for a Huge Country

The supply and distribution of electricity in Kazakhstan can be erratic but the country is moving forward with plans to improve reliability of electricity

Powerhouse of Srinagarind hydropower plant and Kwai Yai River
Kingdom of Thailand - A Bright Smile for Hydropower

The country has a technically feasible potential for hydro generation of about 13,500 GWh, thereof 40% are already developed.

Rice terraces
Republic of the Philippines - Green Energy for a Growing Economy

The Philippines will be the most rapidly growing economy in Southeast Asia in 2016, facing an enormous challenge regarding electrical energy supply.

Dam of Cirata hydropower plant
Republic of Indonesia - Energizing Thousands of Islands

Indonesia is Southeast Asia’s most populous country with a total installed hydro capacity of about 5,258 MW.

Mytigne River near Deedoke hydropower plant
Republic of the Union of Myanmar - Hydropower for a Moving Country

Myanmar has a promising hydropower potential, which is equivalent to 46.000 MW. Thereof not even 7% have been developed until now.

Petronas Twin Towers, Malaysia
Malaysia - Green Energy Lightning the Future

Malaysia is well developed, 100% of the population have access to electricity. The share of hydro in the electricity generation mix is about 20%.

Birdview on Sihwa tidal power plant turbines
Republic of Korea - Tidal Energy Feeds the Grid

Only 2% of the whole electricity demand is covered by hydropower generation. The potential of hydropower is almost fully exploited, South Korea is now focussing on its tidal resources.

Challenging transportation
Republic of India - Accepting Challenges for a Better Life

As of today only about 19% of the technically feasible hydropower potential is developed and only 12% of the electricity generation comes from this renewable energy resource.

Lalashan - folk house
People's Republic of China - Hydropower Connects History with Future

Recent annual hydro gene­ration is about 40% of the technically feasible potential of 2,720,000 GWh, which means there is a huge potential waiting to be developed.

Kingdom of Bhutan - Clean Energy from the Thunder Dragon Country

Bhutan currently taps only 6% of its hydropower potential of 118,260 GWh and is building 12 new hydropower dams with a combined capacity of 10,000 MW by 2020.

Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal - High Mountains Strenghten the Grid

Nepal has an estimated technically feasible hydro potential of 367,920 GWh, whereof not even 1% are tapped.

1.Life at Deosai Plains Skardu Pakistan-Photo by Iftikhar Ahmad
Islamic Republic of Pakistan - Teamwork for Impressive Hydropower Results

Pakistan has an astounding annual hydropower potential of about 200,000 GWh, which is only explored by about 16%.