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Lao People's Democratic Republic - The Battery of Southeast Asia

Laos' growth has more recently been amongst the fastest in Asia and averaged nearly 8% per year for the past decade.

One of the main resources of the country is electricity, mainly generated from hydropower - the share of generation is 99%.

Mekong River

Mekong River

For several years, the Lao government has expressed its desire to become the "Battery of Southeast Asia" thanks to the massive hydropower potential of almost 90,000 GWh offered by the Mekong River. Currently, only just over 18% of this potential has been tapped.


ANDRITZ HYDRO has been active in Laos for more than 50 years and has installed or rehabilitated more than 30 units with a total capacity of about 2,200 MW, which represents a market share of 68%. Large power plants such as HPP Xayaburi or HPP Xekaman, for which ANDRITZ HYDRO has re­ceived orders, are currently under construc­tion and show the success of ANDRITZ HYDRO in Laos. Because of the existing projects and the good outlook into the future, ANDRITZ HYDRO is establishing a representative office in the capital of Vientiane in 2016.

Over the last three years, ANDRITZ HYDRO has received three impor­tant orders in Laos from Song Da Corporation, the largest civil construction company in Vietnam. Song Da has a long history in power plant construction in Vietnam and Laos, based on a bilateral governmental agreement between Vietnam and Laos for the joint development of hydropower plants. In all these projects, Song Da is the main shareholder and EDL (Electricité du Laos) is the minority shareholder.

Powerhouse of Nam Theun II

Powerhouse of Nam Theun II

HPP Xekaman 3: 

This project was the first large hydropower project of these three and has a capacity of 250 MW with an average annual energy production of 1,000 GWh. It is located on the Nam Pagnou River, a main branch of the Xekaman River, about 10 km from the border with Viet­nam. ANDRITZ HYDRO successfully delivered turbines, generators and associated electro-mechanical equipment. HPP Xekaman 3 started its commercial operation in 2013.

HPP Xekaman 1: 

Subsequently to the finalization of the Xekaman 3 pro­ject, ANDRITZ HYDRO signed the second contract for the delivery of the complete electro-mechanical equipment for the Xekaman 1 hydropower plant in December 2013.
The scope of supply includes two Francis turbine-generator sets, governing system, automation and protection system, and auxiliary systems, as well as the complete switchyard.
The majority of the generated electricity will be exported to Vietnam. The finalization of HPP Xekaman 1 is planned for 2016.

HPP Xekaman Sanxay: 

The third contract is for the supply of electro-me­chanical equipment for the new Xekaman Sanxay hydropower plant and was signed in 2015.
The Xekaman Sanxay hydropowerproject will be constructed on the Xe­kaman River, a branch of the Se­Kong River, about 40 km from the border with Vietnam. Its main objective is the generation of electrical energy and operating as a downstream regulator for HPP Xekaman?1. It will have an installed capacity of 32 MW and will produce about 131.2 GWh of electrical energy annually. 
Commissioning is scheduled for the second half of 2017.

HPP Nam Theun 2: 

This plant is the largest Laotian hydropower station so far. It comprises four 250 MW Francis and two 40 MW Pelton units, of which 1,000 MW are exported to EGAT in Thailand.
The contract for ANDRITZ HYDRO encompassed the supply of the turbines and generators, as well as the associated auxiliary equipment.
In 2010, HPP Nam Theun 2 started its commercial operation and is now considered a pioneering project in the sustainable construction of hydropower stations.

Powerhouse of Theun Hinboun hydropower plant

Powerhouse of Theun Hinboun hydropower plant

HPP Theun Hinboun and HPP Nam Gnouang: 

The Theun Hinboun Power Company has awarded ANDRITZ HYDRO a contract for the supply and installation of the complete electro-­mechanical equipment for the Theun Hinboun Expansion project.
HPP Theun Hinboun is located in the Bolikamxay Province, in the middle of Laos in a hilly terrain between the rivers Nam Theun and Nam Hai. 
ANDRIZ HYRDRO’s scope of supply comprises the equipment for the new Nam Gnouang hydropower plant, as well as for the 220 MW extension of the existing Theun Hinboun hydropower station. The delivery includes three Francis turbines, generators, and all necessary auxiliary systems. Start of commercial operation was mid-2012.
With an additional power output of 280 MW after completion, the two hydropower plants deliver a total of more than 3,000 GWh of electrical energy per year.

HPP Nam Lik 1: 

In June 2013, ANDRITZ HYDRO signed  a contract with POSCO Engineering and Construction Company Ltd. for the supply, installation and commissioning of the electro-mechanical equipment for the Nam Lik 1 hydropower plant, located 90 km north of the capital of Vientiane. 
ANDRITZ HYDRO’s contractual supply comprises two 32.25 MW Bulb turbines, horizontal generators, mechanical auxiliaries, electric power systems, gates, and additional equipment. The electricity generated by HPP Nam Lik 1 will be supplied directly into the national grid for domestic use, meeting the electrical energy demands of about 200,000 people. The plant will be put into operation in 2017.

HPP Xayaburi: 

ANDRITZ HYDRO will deliver the entire electro-mechanical equipment for the new run-of-river power station Xayaburi on the Mekong River.
ANDRITZ HYDRO’s scope of supply includes the delivery of seven Kap­lan turbines, each with an output of 175 MW, and an additional 68.8 MW turbine, as well as generators, governors, the automation, and additional equipment. With a planned capacity of 1,295 MW, HPP Xayaburi will produce electricity for about 1 million households in Thailand. Commissioning is scheduled for 2019.
Laos is one of the emerging countries in Southeast Asia and offers, with its enormous hydropower potential, excellent opportunities for the future. ANDRITZ HYDRO looks forward with confidence to this economic development and stands ready with technological state-of-the-art know-how and profound experience in project execution for the customers in the Laotian market.

Draft tube and installation team at HPP Xayaburi

Draft tube and installation team at HPP Xayaburi


6.7 Mio.Population
70%Access to electricity
3,293 MWInstalled hydro capacity
4,800 MWHydro capacity under construction
99%Share of generation from hydropower
16,000 GWhHydro generation
87,458 GWhTechnically feasible hydro generation potential                             

Hydropower & Dams World Atlas 2015 and The World Bank

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