ANDRITZ Metals USA Inc. in Canonsburg

Home of our furnace technology group supporting Bricmont furnace technologies in the aluminum and steel industries. A full complement of project execution and service resources also providing local support for our GROUP projects in the US.

ANDRITZ Metals USA Inc. is a specialist in furnaces for the steel and aluminum industries as well as in galvanizing systems. The US company engineers and constructs furnaces for reheating and melting in batch and continuous operation.


ANDRITZ Metals USA Inc. in Canonsburg


The company was founded in 1966 and provides complete solutions to its clients’ needs. From initial engineering studies and analyses, through project management, construction, and commissioning, to training the operators, ANDRITZ Metals USA Inc. covers all aspects of designing and building many types of industrial equipment.

The ANDRITZ Metals USA Inc. vision emphasizes quality as the cornerstone of creating value, thus benefiting customers and employees.

As a member of the ANDRITZ GROUP, ANDRITZ Metals USA Inc. complements the Group’s portfolio with its Bricmont and HiTEQ lines. ANDRITZ Metals USA Inc. provides the local connection in North America for all of the ANDRITZ Metals strategic business areas' equipment, and the project management, engineering and service organization participates in all deliveries within North America.

Products for the iron and steel industry

  • Pusher furnaces
  • Heat treatment furnaces
  • Roller hearths (tunnel furnaces)
  • Continuous strip processing
  • Walking hearth furnaces
  • Walking beam furnaces
  • Rotary hearth furnaces
  • Batch furnaces
  • Soaking pits
  • Products for the aluminum industry
  • Large round-top melters (tiltable or static)
  • Large rectangular melters (tiltable or static)
  • Large-capacity tilting holder furnaces
  • Alloying holders
  • Twin-chamber furnaces for recycling
  • Pusher furnaces
  • Soaking pits
  • Annealers
  • Rotary hearths
  • Batch log treatment
  • Vertical quench design
  • Roller hearths
  • Strip floating lines
  • HiTEQ line of furnaces for the foundry and die casting industry

Customized solutions

  • Training services
  • Studies and analyses
  • Environmental services
  • Controls and automation
  • Field services
  • Spare parts
  • Glass industry services

ANDRITZ Metals USA Inc. engineers and designers apply their knowledge, skills, and experience wherever industrial heat transfer or automation is involved.

Whether in the ferrous and non-ferrous metals industries, or in other sectors such as glass, ANDRITZ Metals USA Inc. – Bricmont Aluminum, Bricmont steel or HiTEQ foundry and die casting equipment make a major contribution to our client's overall productivity and cost-effective operation.

Customer benefits

  • Broad range of products with state-of-the-art technology
  • Customized solutions for the layout, manufacture, and supply of turnkey furnace systems, based on long-term experience and continuous developments
  • Optimization and modernization of existing furnace plants to increase capacity and reduce energy consumption
  • Close cooperation and long-lasting business relations with customers

ANDRITZ Metals USA Inc. | Canonsburg