We provide everything from traditional classroom training to hands-on training. Each training course will be custom designed for your facility.

Special training classes were developed as early as 1966, when Bricmont was founded. Now ANDRITZ Metals USA Inc. has developed these training programs further and provides such programs as REheat FURnace OPerations (REFUROP) and TUNnel FURnace OPerations (TUNFUROP) for a generic facility or a specific facility, regardless of whether the customer is using a Bricmont steel furnace or a different brand.

The purpose of this training program is to significantly improve your furnace operations by developing in your personnel an understanding of the fundamental concepts that govern the operations of the furnace. This includes an understanding of how to make the most efficient use of the furnace system, including: combustion, heat transfer, instrumentation and controls, and refractories. We always try to emphasize the importance of safety and have developed specific safety training programs that will improve the importance of safety awareness in your facility.

REFUROP and TUNFUROP are based on the premise that having a sound knowledge of the furnace system and its various, interrelated subsystems enables an operator or technician to consider all the consequences of his/her actions. Additional to combustion safety, benefits of the programs include: minimized scale formation, improved productivity, better heating quality, reduced fuel consumption, and reduced emissions.

Typical training takes (2) 8-hr classes to complete an approximately 100 page curriculum. Some topics include:

  • Combusion Safeguards
  • NFPA Codes
  • Furnace Light-up
  • Heat Transfer
  • Furnace Control Systems
  • L1 Control
  • L2 Control
  • Instrumentation
  • Mechanical Maintenance
  • Hydraulic Maintenance
  • Scale Reductions
  • …etc

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