Control and automation

ANDRITZ Metals Inc. (formerly ANDRITZ Bricmont Inc.) offers a wide range of control systems for the manufacturing and processing industries.

From simple, single-loop control to sophisticated PC-based systems, we integrate hardware and software to build the most effective and efficient system possible for your needs.

Process control can be divided into several levels. Level 1 control consists of measuring operating conditions, displaying information, and controlling an output device to a desired condition.

Features and advantages

  • Provision for multi-zone control of all types of reheat furnaces
  • Furnace system evaluation for replacement or upgrade by experienced combustion/control engineers.
  • PLC/PC-based
  • PID loop control
  • Over-temperature monitoring
  • Customer-specific man-machine interface
  • Product tracking
  • Data collection and storage
  • Easily tuneable PID loop parameters via master MMI screen
  • Pre-configured system for minimum downtime during system replacement or upgrade
  • Network capable for data acceptance and Level II supervisory control connection
  • Complete multi-level alarm and annunciation system with control intervention to minimize furnace shutdowns

A Level 2 system supervises a Level 1 system. It makes decisions on how to best control a process based on mathematical modeling of the process or communication with other interrelated processes. Many Level 2 systems provide records of various data and events as well. Level 2 systems are essential to optimize a process that must change to meet varying process demands.

Features and advantages

  • Significant fuel-saving opportunities
  • Specifically engineered for metals reheat supervisory control
  • More systems in North America than any other supplier
  • Enthusiastically accepted by both operators and production supervisors
  • Easily expandable or tuneable for future customer needs
  • Minimizes damage to furnace components through consistent product temperatures and heating method
  • Industry-proven, continuous product enhancements over the past 20 years
  • Easy-to-understand system operation with custom displays for each individual system
  • Remote support for ease of diagnosis and maintenance
  • Online finite element modeling
  • Custom software – state-of-the art hardware
  • Computerized process monitoring and supervisory control
  • Maximizes product yield
  • Use of touch screen, light pen, or mouse operator input
  • Multi-level communications to Level 1 and Level 3
  • Sophisticated database management
  • Customer-specific training

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