Lightweight automotive components with advanced material quality

Aluminum has a high specific strength - components with the same strength as steel weigh half as much, but have a larger volume.

This makes the material ideal for applications where a low mass and light weight are required, for  example in the automotive, aviation, shipping, construction, and packaging industry.


ANDRITZ is the only manufacturer in the world

to offer solutions for all important light-weight construction processes for manufacturing lightweight components that are made from higher strength steels, aluminum, and carbon fiber.

Automobile manufacturers are moving to make cars lighter, to reduce weight and CO2 emissions and to extend the range of electric vehicles. Modern car bodies are assembled from a wide range of materials for high endurance and top safety in crash performance tests. Different aluminum alloys provide excellent properties for deep-drawing and high strength for crash performance. First class corrosion resistance and its efficient recyclability are additional benefits of the use of aluminum for car body and panels. The excellent properties of the aluminum are valued also by aerospace and defense industries. Aluminum has also established itself as the best material for food and beverage cans, solar technology, and in the construction industry.

ANDRITZ Metals offers and continues to develop technology for high quality aluminum sheet - first class mechanical properties and surface pre-treatment, according to automotive customer specifications.

The ANDRITZ references include high capacity continuous heat treatment lines, Alcoa 951 automotive treatment lines, and full integrated and automated continuous annealing and processing lines.

Our customers benefit from the full automation and integration of all process steps and from the experience of our engineers and on-site supervision and commissioning teams, who manage greenfield, brownfield and turnkey installation and commissioning as well as extensions and modernization projects.

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