neXbond ultrasonic process

Unique technology for bonding waistbands for adult and baby hygiene products for more wearability and comfort

Softness and wearability are key factors in elastic waistbands for baby and adult pants. The stretchable waistband adapts to every movement, providing increased comfort. The new neXbond ultrasonic bonding technique combines tensioned elastics entrapped between two layers of nonwoven fabrics. This delivers a uniquely soft and skinfriendly waistband without using glue or adhesives.

Compared to adhesives, the neXbond ultrasonic technology yields a top-quality bonding with no creep or product damage, and with greater precision. Ultrasonics is instantaneous and allows a continuous, closed-loop process with increased productivity, making adhesives unnecessary. While the initial investment is higher, the long-term benefits easily make up for this expense.

neXbond ultrasonic is made for various applications 

neXbond ultrasonic is made for the production of baby and adult pants and elastic waistbands for diapers as well as lef cuff for diapers. 

Our experts at our competence center for personal hygiene production technology at ANDRITZ Diatec will be happy to advise you on all questions regarding the implementation of neXbond ultrasonic.

Video neXbond ultrasonic process


  • Ultrasonic welding technology is skin-friendly thanks to the chemical-free process that minimizes allergic reactions and skin irritation
  • Maximum fabric softness and elastic performance
  • Cleaner production process and hence, reduced machine downtime
  • Products manufactured with ultrasonic technology can be recycled more easily as they are made of recyclable materials
  • Eco-friendly and less energy-consuming process


  • High-frequency ultrasonics for capturing and locking elastic strands in the nonwoven substrates
  • Ultrasonics secure previously stretched elastic strands in the nonwoven substrate so that they are securely fixed and immobilized once the elastic strands return to their normal diameter
  • The chassis is configurable to suit different widths
  • Speed: up to 400 m/min
  • Ultrasonics is a clean and efficient method of bonding synthetic materials and is also environmentally friendly because it consumes less energy than other bonding methods. As gluing is the most energy-consuming process, ultrasonic bonding provides saving in operating costs due to reduced energy consumption.
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