Perfodry 3000 nonwoven through-air dryer with robust design
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Perfodry 3000 - Proven dryer for various processes

The Perfodry 3000 through-air dryer is a reference in the spunlace industry since decades and, then in the Wetlace and airlace markets.

Perfodry 3000 removes up to 1,300 l/h.m of moisture at the high throughput speeds of modern neXline spunlace eXcelle lines.

Designed to provide optimum drying, the Perfodry 3000 has a simple and durable design. Wet and dry temperature zones can be adjusted individually and dry nonwoven fabrics while maintaining web bulk and softness.

The neXecodry technology can be integrated partially into the Perfodry 3000.

Perfodry 3000 benefits:

  • High moisture removal
  • High energy efficiency
  • Deckle bands to set precise
  • Working width
  • Roll-out design
  • Easy maintenance

Perfodry 3000 characteristics:

Working width: up to 5.5 m
Speed: up to 400 m/min
Drum diameter: 2.8 m

Perfodry 3000 nonwoven through-air dryer with robust design

Perfodry 3000

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