IDEAS Checkout

Test Control Logic With Dynamic Simulation For A Better Startup

IDEAS Checkout runs your plant logic against a high fidelity dynamic simulation of the plant in order to perform a thorough test of plant controls, well in advance of plant startup. With both modeling and controls expertise, we can validate both the implementation of the logic, as well as prove that the intent of the control strategy really does work for the selected equipment.


  • Detect and correct up to 82% of control logic errors before field implementation

  • Achieve quicker and smoother start-up

  • The same checkout system can be re-used for operator training, doubling the value

Comparison of Dynamic Model Testing With DCS Loop-Back

Payback Through Better Testing

Studies have shown that using simulation to help with start-up can correct up to 82% of control logic problems before field implementation. The cost savings are enormous. Control logic verification translates into immediate savings through a smoother startup and can easily realize a 200% or more return on investment.

Easy Connection To Your DCS or PLC

IDEAS communicates with all major PLC or DCS equipment. Using our OPC server, OPC client, or one of our custom communication drivers, IDEAS makes the task of control system logic verification more manageable and consistent. In addition, new control logic can be tested and verified on the IDEAS simulator while the actual plant continues to run without interruption.

Typical Checkout System Architecture

Direct Support for Checkout & Commissioning

The biggest benefit of using IDEAS for your control logic verification is that our team works with you every step of the way. Our experts travel directly to your plant site, anywhere in the world, and work directly with the equipment vendors, control company and plant personnel during commissioning.

IDEAS DCS Checkout