IDEAS Designer

Industry-Leading Plant Design Review

Whether you’re at the earliest stages of preliminary facility design or modifying a mature plant, IDEAS Designer brings the power of simulation to give you the confidence that your design is as good as it possibly can be, with a fraction of the effort required by traditional engineering methods.  

IDEAS Process Model Showing Part Of A Comminution Circuit


  • Compare design options at minimal cost
  • Run hundreds of design scenarios in hours
  • Report operating cost and revenue, or export to a financial model
  • Generate specifications for equipment, piping, and instruments automatically

Powerful Models

During the process design phase of a project, IDEAS is a quick and powerful tool that enables users to model a complete industrial project. IDEAS helps you create a “virtual plant” environment in which process designs, modifications, and retrofits can be fine-tuned and verified, faster than in real time, before you commit to any capital costs.

Our models include the best available academic literature in every equipment object, meaning that each part of the plant is defined using engineering dimensions. The result is a model that is both intuitive to common users but still accurately represents the chemical reactions, thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, and material transport that define the process.

Detailed Options Analysis

We build design options into the model, running every option (or combination of options) over the complete range of process conditions that your plant might experience. Design options are executed by software, allowing complex analysis to be performed with minimal human supervision.

For every design scenario, we track the process flow through all major equipment in the plant. Results are stored in a database, which enables us to perform detailed comparisons of how specific devices perform over various operating conditions.

Operational Cost Reporting

Our models track the materials consumed, the energy used, and the production of each design scenario. By associating these flows with a material cost database, we generate the operating cost and revenue of each scenario in far more detail than would be available using traditional preliminary engineering methods.

We work directly with your financial analysts to transfer the cost and revenue data directly into your financial models, giving you a level of confidence in your forecasted costs that would otherwise be impossible.

Equipment Specifications

We generate accurate operating ranges for the operating ranges of all major equipment and process lines, allowing the generation of precise equipment specification sheets. By simulating the operation under all expected scenarios, we can specify equipment in a way that minimizes oversizing associated with process uncertainty. The result is that your plant is built with equipment that matches your actual needs, avoiding unnecessary capital cost. 

New Plants or Modifications to Old Ones

IDEAS Designer is a powerful tool, whether you’re at the earliest stages of pre-feasibility analysis, or just looking to change the sizing of the equipment you already have. Our rigorous engineering techniques accelerate the design process, give you confidence that the plant will run the way you think, and save you money on capital expense.

IDEAS Designer Demo