IDEAS paper mill

The solution for achieving faster start-up, reducing risk, and increasing profit

The ANDRITZ dynamic simulator, IDEAS, is the simulator of choice for the pulp and paper industry. It contains all the key objects required to simulate a conventional paper mill at a macro level of fidelity, from a twin wire former to a steam dryer.

Process modeling

The steady-state capabilities of IDEAS help create and observe heat and mass balances, flows, temperatures, and other criteria in a virtual environment. By feeding various design criteria into the model, a live process flow sheet can quickly be compiled.

As the complexity of the project advances, these steady-state models are easily converted to a dynamic environment to include detailed specifications and process control logic. Since IDEAS is fully interactive, one can analyze, adjust, and optimize the model while it is up and running – there is no need to wait for the simulation to finish.


A paper mill in Uruguay

Control logic verification

IDEAS helps to stage and test control systems quickly and accurately, reducing the steep curve to start-up. If the control logic cannot start a simulation, it will not be able to start the real equipment either. By using IDEAS, costly design errors can be reduced that could otherwise delay start-up. In fact, studies have shown that using simulation to help with start-up can correct up to 82% of control logic problems before field implementation.

Risk-free training

The IDEAS instructor module allows staging and operator training to take place in complete safety, without risk to employees or the environment.

Return on investment

The IDEAS simulator acts as a virtual plant that will help pinpoint plant production improvements and shorten projected start-up dates. In many cases, the IDEAS return on investment has been over 200%.

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    IDEAS simulation solutions for pulp and paper

    IDEAS is the leading dynamic simulator for the global kraft pulp industry. It helps with process design, control logic verification, and operator training.

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