IDEAS VMG engine

IDEAS VMG engine

The solution for designing and controlling multi-component vapor equilibrium systems

The IDEAS VMG engine combines the simulation strengths of IDEAS with the validated thermodynamic data provided by Virtual Materials Group (VMG) to support industries that require Vapor Liquid Equilibrium (VLE) capability.

Accurate and reliable thermo-dynamic properties are essential for accurate and reliable process simulation and design of process equipment. VMG has invested many years of development and research into creating VMG Thermo, which ANDRITZ AUTOMATION has integrated as an integral part of the IDEAS simulation platform. The result of this work is an engine capable of thermo-physical and flash calculations. It has the versatility to run virtually any processing application. Its programming interface gives the flexibility to be embedded in IDEAS.

The engine provides a complete set of physical and thermo-dynamic properties for pure components and mixtures over a wide range of pressures, temperatures, compositions, and phases, including a comprehensive database of nearly 5,500 pure components, with more than 100 physical properties per component.

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