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Discover the different digital solutions ANDRITZ offers for your plant.

The interactive manual is a digital repository where you can compile all the information related to an industrial plant.

Within the information that we have compiled for the interactive training manuals, you will find the following:

  • Information about the plant and its equipment.
  • Standard operating procedures and fundamental processes allow the user to have an objective response and knowledge to operational contingencies.
  • How critical variables are controlled, and the impact of out-of-range variations on processes would cause.
  • Procedures, interlocks, alarms, the cause of failure, and the appropriate corrective action.
  • Abnormal operating scenarios and frequently occurring fault conditions, and how to resolve them.  

The Interactive Manual includes general 3D plant walkthroughs, specific process walkthroughs, interactive animations of equipment operation and exploded views, and interactive animations on total process control (control loops, alarms, and interlocks).

The challenges of digitalization and the pandemic have changed the way we work towards a remote mode. The Interactive Manual trains the operation teams on different subjects in a digital form with several virtual and interactive scenarios. This will optimize and save training resources and face-to-face training, promoting the future of Industry 4.0 in your company on a large scale and in workgroups.

With the Interactive Manual, prepare your team for any operational process in your plant.



Among the benefits the interactive manual offers, we can highlight the easy access to plant information from a single place, helping to standardize processes and decision-making. It also helps to have the latest revisions of procedures, operating and maintenance manuals of the different equipment in the plant.

You can find information on the different areas, operations, maintenance, occupational safety, and emergency plans.

Your staff will get to know the plant virtually and take tours inside it, which will allow them to become familiar with their future workplace.

Save time and resources by training and coaching on a large scale and promoting digital transformation within your organization.

The interactive manual industries are mining and pulp and paper; however, it can be applied to any industrial production industry.

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Interactive exploded view of Hydraulic Motors

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