Spray Dry Absorber and Fabric Filter

Spray Dryer Absorber (SDA)

The semi-dry desulphurization combines the injection of a suspension/solution of alkaline reagent into the sulphur-rich flue-gases before removing the resulting product by a Fabric Filter.

In ANDRITZ SDA technology, the lime slurry solution is atomized using either ANDRITZ’s rotary atomizer technology or dual fluid nozzles, and the droplets react with the gaseous pollutants of the flue gases. The end products are then collected in the Fabric Filter.

ANDRITZ SDA enable to treat very large volumetric flows. When used in combination with many sorbents (lime slurry, PAC, …), ANDRITZ SDA technology acts as a multi-pollutants control equipment, Also, ANDRITZ is actively collaborating with filter bag manufacturers to offer for selected processes the lowest emissions guarantees and longest bag lifetime in the market.

Spray Dry Absorber and Fabric Filter


The key features of ANDRITZ SDA are:

  • Up to 95% SO2 removal
    (with fuels up to 2.5% sulphur in coal)
  • Multi-pollutants control (PM, SO3, HCl,..) and when combined with other sorbent injection (PAC, …) enables an efficient capture of heavy metals (Hg, …) and other components
  • Renowned OPTIPOW plunger valves for efficient bag cleaning
  • Latest advanced controller EFFIC with advanced functions as Modulated Pulse Cleaning for longer bag life and lower particulate emission
  • Well suited for large installations

Simple operation and maintenance, with more than 40 years of operation

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