3D model of the entry section in a continuous pickling line 
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Continuous pickling lines

ANDRITZ continuous pickling lines operate economically, are environmentally compliant, and the quality of the processed products is in a class of its own.

The compact rinse section pre-assembled in the workshop in Graz 

The compact rinse section pre-assembled in the workshop in Graz 

Product description

Today, ANDRITZ pickling technology prevails on the world market as a synonym for high productivity, low investment costs, and highest production flexibility.

Continuous pickling lines (CPL) in the design well-known today with shallow-tank, high-turbulence pickling were defined widely and decisively by ANDRITZ-RUTHNER.

As a pioneer in the design and manufacture of polypropylene pickling tanks, ANDRITZ redefined shallow-tank and turbulent pickling. Many years of experience worldwide in revamping, processing, and full turnkey supply of continuous pickling lines – also as a part of pickling line and tandem cold mills (PLTCM) – form the basis of our customers’ satisfaction, which is our top priority. The optimized pickling process with individual circulation and heating system ensures minimized consumption of utilities, while the result is always a scale-free strip surface. These processing lines are designed to process strip thicknesses from 0.8 mm up to 6.5 mm and strip widths from 600 mm up to 2100 mm in different steel grades. We have supplied lines for carbon steel with a maximum capacity of up to 1,700,000 tons/year and pickling speeds of 400 meters/minute.

3D model of the entry section in a continuous pickling line 

3D model of the entry section in a continuous pickling line 

Customer benefits

  • Productivity thanks to all services being provided from a single source
  • Savings due to high-turbulence Venturi pickling
  • Compact rinse based on intensive research followed by implementation of the research results
  • Flexibility from modular arrangement and design
  • Operating assistance from interactive customer support system
  • Improved development and design provides long life cycle for components
  • ANDRITZ is one of the leading suppliers for HCl pickling technology, making use of continuous further developments as well as experience gained in the numerous pickling lines built to provide best performance for our customers.

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    Carbon Steel Pickling Lines

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