Circular and multi-form blank cutting lines

ANDRITZ Kaiser provides complete circular and multi-form blank cutting lines, including feeder, press, stacker, and scrap conveyor.

The production of blanks for further use in a deep drawing or embossing process imposes strict demands on the press and automation system. 

Precise timing and general performance are required in order to achieve competitive productivity. Due to the large amount of cutting required, a very rigid machine is needed to absorb the rebound without damaging any equipment. Finally, the tolerances of the end product call for a very precise slide movement and low frame deformation.

ANDRITZ Kaiser can look back on decades of experience in the field of blank cutting lines. Our well-designed and thoroughly tested concept allows our customers to manufacture high-quality products with maximum efficiency. Our production lines for circular or multi-form blanks are characterized by the following aspects:

  • Highly stable machine with split-design cast iron or combined steel/cast iron frame for good vibration absorption and very low deformation
  • Clearance-free, pre-stressed guiding system for a perfectly parallel slide at every point of movement
  • Fast and precise transfer system, suitable for all sizes of parts
  • Integrated stacker for the end product
  • Centralized controls

10.000 kN heavy cutting press for cylinder head gaskets

The custom-tailored stacking system

The custom-tailored stacking system

Strengths and benefits

Following our motto “focus on performance” and our experience, ANDRITZ Kaiser delivers an excellent price-performance ratio. As a result of all the above, our customers are provided with:

  • Excellent productivity and cost efficiency
  • Long-lasting, easy-to-use, low-maintenance production lines
  • High quality and precision of the end product
  • Centralized, efficient project management

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