Metris eXtended Reality

ANDRITZ enters a new dimension: With Metris eXtended Reality, we enable virtual remote support service and assistance options while providing a mobile and intuitive way for engineers to interact with sensor data, digital twins, and their physical counterparts.

Sometimes it’s easier to explain a problem when you can point your finger directly at it. This is now possible also in a virtual environment, no matter how far apart people are. With Metris eXtended Reality, our customers can access our experts regardless of their location, which enables prompt support with fast problem-solving and, therefore, cuts downtimes and improves machine availability. Our services offer everything you need for remote communication on a virtual level: audio, video, chat, document sharing, 3D models and, above all, features that allow you to post useful files, such as drawings, directly into the technician’s field of vision or to enter virtual mark-ups.

Metris eXtended Reality

Scope of services

  • We provide a mobile and intuitive way for engineers to interact with sensor data, digital twins, and their physical counterparts
  • We provide real-time assistance to workers in remote locations, help workers learn new skills, or walk technicians through a repair
  • Adaption to individual needs


Metris eXtended Reality is a ready to use Soft- & Hardware solution with a modular design.

  • Specialist Assistance
  • XR Trainings
  • XR Inspections
  • Process Data Visualization
  • XR Digital Twin
  • Hardware Sets

Your Benefits

With Metris eXtended Reality, we provide a powerful but simple add-on to the existing ways of communication and collaboration that enables rapid fault diagnostics, saving both downtime or provide an interactive training session with more participates in the same session.

Apart from remote assistance sessions, equipment is always recognized automatically by the operating device, and all information required can be accessed on the spot at the machine concerned – exactly where it is needed. 

Our XR Digital Twin module offers a quick and easy data assignment to a 3D object or the real environment. This makes important data available even more quickly, no matter where you are.