Aluminum industry furnaces – Bricmont Aluminum

ANDRITZ METALS Inc. (formerly ANDRITZ Bricmont) has long-term expertise in the metals industry in general and the aluminum industry in particular.

ANDRITZ METALS Inc. has a long history as a leading global supplier of tunnel furnace, aluminum melting and holding furnace, DRI, rotary furnace, and continuous strip technology.

ANDRITZ METALS owns the complete collection of furnaces that were engineered and installed under the names Bricmont Inc., ANDRITZ Bricmont Inc., and Davy-Swindell.

The photographs show an ANDRITZ Bricmont round-top charge aluminum melting furnace. This concept was pioneered by Bricmont-Davy-Swindell and has been developed continuously ever since. The latest developments include sizes of up to 140 t with ANDRITZ's own regenerative burners. In these furnaces, customers are able to melt soft and hard alloys. Regenerative systems by ANDRITZ consume less than half of the energy per ton of aluminum melted compared to the original round-top furnaces that were introduced in the 1990s.

ANDRITZ has built tiltable or static round-top melters and also specialized in large-capacity holders for continuous or batch operation. Our largest customers normally combine two melters and two holders into a melting/holding cell as this is today's standard for DC casting operations. This concept enables customers to melt and cast their products continuously for a higher production rate and minimum energy input.

  • Over 60 large-capacity, round-top charge melting furnaces (up to 140 t capacity)
  • Over 60 large-capacity tilting holders (up to 140 t capacity)
  • Over 20 ingot pusher furnaces
  • Over 250 soaking pit installations
  • Approximately 100 coil annealers
  • Over 50 homogenizing installations, including batch log treatment and vertical drop quench designs
  • Numerous special-purpose furnaces, rotary hearth, roller hearth, and strip floating lines

Aluminium round top charge melter and tilting holder

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