Refractory equipment

Pre-fabricated insulating shells and functional products

ANDRITZ Metals Germany's refractory division (former ANDRITZ FBB) has global experience and is a leading supplier of pre-fabricated insulating shells made of refractory castables for skid pipe systems in reheating furnaces (walking beam furnaces and pusher-type furnaces).


Pre-fabricated insulating shells for skid pipe system mounted on posts in a steel reheating 

A modular lining concept using pre-fabricated parts in a thermo-technically optimized sandwich construction provides shorter installation times and reduces the downtime of the furnaces during maintenance, thus increasing productivity.

Functional refractory products for a wide range of high-temperature applications, e.g. in the aluminum industry, complete the refractory product portfolio of ANDRITZ Metals Germany.

Applications for refractory products

  • Pre-fabricated insulating shells for skid pipe systems in walking beam furnaces and pusher-type furnaces
  • Functional products and precast elements: slot covering, slot frames, weirs in reheating furnaces, etc.
  • Roller insulation for roller hearth furnaces
  • Burner equipment: burner blocks, and ceramic air and gas nozzles
  • Launders and ladle lining for the aluminum industry

Skid pipe lining concept with pre-fabricated insulating shells

Increasing energy costs and targets for the reduction of CO2 emissions provide a constant challenge for all high-temperature process users, forcing them to optimize their processes. In addition to raw material and labor costs, the costs for energy and environmental protection measures are playing an increasingly important role. New technical solutions are required to improve energy efficiency and to reduce energy consumption and CO2  emissions.

The skid pipe system is lined with pre-fabricated shells made of refractory castables, typically with dense castable, and for better insulation with light-weight castable. The layout and configuration of the shells with a thermo-technically optimized sandwich design are created using a modular lining concept to allow fast and easy installation.

This modular concept using pre-fabricated insulating shells for the skid pipe system in reheating furnaces provides a significant reduction in installation time, typically around 75% compared to an on-site castable installation. This reduces the downtime of the furnaces during maintenance, thus increasing productivity.


Pre-fabricated insulating shells for skid pipe system and slot covering made of refractory castable installed in a walking beam furnace

Light-weight castable FLB-11/150-I1 for pre-fabricated insulating shells

The insulating shells are typically based on dense castable (FB-25/160-P1). For better insulation the shells are made of light-weight castable (FLB-11/150-I1). The heat losses to the cooling system of the skid pipe system can be reduced significantly by using this weight of castable. Trials and CFD calculations show a potential of more than 60% reduction in heat losses with this light-weight castable compared to dense castable shells.

The industrial applications of the new light-weight shell system in walking beam and pusher-type furnaces result in an overall energy saving of 35% and more when compared to the dense material installed previously. The annual energy saving leads to a cost reduction that is higher than the cost of installing the new lining, resulting in a payback period of less than one year.

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