Hot and Cold Rolling Mill Equipment Rebuild

Hot and cold rolling mill equipment rebuild

Hot and cold rolling mill equipment engineering, upgrades, refurbishing, and repairs.

At ANDRITZ Metals USA we offer engineering, upgrades, refurbishing and repairs for all of the following equipment:

EDT and chrome plating


EDT machines
RCI has two Sarclad Electrode Discharge Texturing machines capable of providing a wide range of textures.
Machines are capable of texture a 5” roll up to 32” in diameter with body lengths up to 18’.

Chrome plating
RCI has 3 chrome tanks capable of plating rolls from 1” diameter up to 32”
diameter with an overall length of 14’

Chock services and reconditioning


ANDRITZ Metals USA can provide you with all your roll chock needs

  • Complete chock rebuilds
    - Undercut, weld, stress relieve and remachine
    - Reassemble and reset clearances
  • New chocks and components
  • Load zone changes
  • Reset endplay

Roll neck repair and weld overlay


Journal repairs
Lincoln CNC controlled Sub-Arc welding lathe.

Capable of welding Iron and steel journals from 8” diameter up to 46” diameter with overall length of 25’

Entry guide box total rebuilds


Entry guide boxes

ANDRITZ Metals USA can recondition your entry guide box back to original OEM specifications

Mill screwdowns

ANDRITZ Metals USA will engineer and upgrade an existing screwdown by changing gear sets to increase or decrease gap speed at the mill bite.  Calculations are performed to increase or decrease torque depending on the application.  New gearing can also be supplied.

Load cells can also be added if desired.

ANDRITZ Metals USA also provides all machining, and assembly of new or refurbished screws, nuts and gears.

ANDRITZ Metals USA also provides electrical upgrades to state of the art gap measuring, speed sensing and safety protection.  All outdated equipment is replaced with modern electrical equipment that will interface with current electrical drives.

  • Machining of new screws and nuts (Acme and buttress thread forms)
  • Refurbishing of old screws and nuts
  • Supply of new worm gears
  • Supply of new primary gearing
  • Inspection of all parts
  • Supply new bearings
  • Re-engineering of screwdown gearing for new applications
  • Engineer and supply new electrical apparatus to replace older style measuring devices
  • Supply engineering and machining for new load cells

Roll change rigs

ANDRITZ Metals USA provides engineering and supply of new or upgraded roll change equipment for rolling mills.  Mill types included are skin pass, temper, hot and cold rolling mills.  Mill configurations include 2 High, 4 High and 6 High.

Styles that are provided are as follows:

  • Porter bar
  • Hydraulic cylinder retraction and insertion.
  • Ball screw retraction and insertion.
  • Gear reducer and motor retraction and insertion
  • Chain and sprocket type retraction and insertion
  • Roll shifting

Repairs to all of the above can also be performed.

Mill engineering services

Hot and cold mills

ANDRITZ Metals USA provides engineering services in the mill services division for nearly all types of metal production and processing equipment.  Engineering can be as small as selection of proper materials for an application or as large as supplying project management for a customer.

Typical engineering services provided but not limited to are:

  • Engineering calculations
  • Studies
  • Drafting
  • Project management
  • Scheduling
  • Consultation
  • FEA
  • Troubleshooting
  • Training
  • Electrical upgrades

Processing equipment

ANDRITZ Metals USA mill services can provide technical engineering support and services from an individual equipment upgrade or a retrofit replacement to complete customized finishing lines for ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

Contact us for additional information regarding:

  • Tension leveling lines
  • Slitting LinesCut-to-Length lines
  • Specialty processing lines custom design equipment
  • Mechanical and electrical upgrades
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