PYROMARS plants regenerate spent pickling acids from stainless steel pickling plants, making recycling and reuse possible

Mixed acid regeneration plants for stainless steel pickling

PYROMARS plants cut your costs and keep the environment clean.

PYROMARS is a process for highly efficient recycling of mixed pickling acids in stainless steel applications.

PYROMARS "Mixed acid regeneration plants"

The recovery rates of 80% for nitric acid, 99% for hydrofluoric acid, and 99% for metals demonstrate the efficiency of sustainable, mixed acid regeneration plants from ANDRITZ METALS.

PYROMARS process

  • Hydropyrolysis of waste acid in the spray roaster
  • Absorption of HF and NOx
  • Production of regenerated nitric and hydrofluoric acid in different concentration ranges
  • Complete elimination of NOx emissions by means of Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR)
  • Recovery of valuable oxide containing Ni and Cr

PYROMARS strengths and customer benefits

  • Highly economical in operation
  • Short investment payback period due to high recovery rates for the hydrofluoric and nitric acids, reuse of the metal oxides in stainless steel melting, and no expenses for neutralization of spent pickling acid and disposal of neutralization slurry
  • Lower pickling costs due to pickling under constant conditions
  • Environmental protection – no neutralization sludge or waste water containing nitrate

PYROMARS – serving best stainless steel pickling

  • Adjustable concentration of regenerated, acid-balanced acid management
  • Outstanding performance in metal removal from waste acid, providing maximum possible free acid for stainless steel pickling
  • No limitations on processing of all typical waste acid concentrations coming from stainless steel pickling of various AISI steel grades
  • Proven and sophisticated design with more than 20 references worldwide

Suitable E&A models

  • Waste acid management module for optimized distribution of regenerated acid to different pickling lines
  • Standard software package, allowing simulation mode for plant testing and optimization
The hot reaction gases from the reactor are washed in jet scrubbers using the regenerated acid, thereby also cooling them

The hot reaction gases from the reactor are washed in jet scrubbers using the regenerated acid, thereby also cooling them

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