ANDRITZ Dan-Web airlaid line

Form the future with Airlaid

ANDRITZ airlaid technology opens the world to various products for the hygiene business

ANDRITZ offers complete airlaid production lines and stand-alone airlaid webforming units, defibration technology, flat bed dryer technology, and fiber recycling processes.

Mill to web units are also part of the portfolio for the production of dry molded packaging materials based on pulp. ANDRITZ Dan-Web, as the central competence unit for airlaid-based products, has outstanding expertise in the processing of wood pulp as a base material. This improves the sustainability effect by using biodegradable and environmentally friendly fiber material.

The airlaid production process produces materials that are used in baby, fem and adult care products, biodegradable wipes, dry molded pulp packaging, and more.


ANDRITZ Dan-Web airlaid line for various end-uses


ANDRITZ Airlaid technology


  • Sophisticated technology with precisely matched components
  • Wide range of applications for different fiber types, such as wood pulp, synthetic or natural fibers
  • Ergonomic and operator-friendly process
  • Fast and easy operation and maintenance
  • Customized process and machine layout for specific needs

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