Needlepunch for automotive - steady growth for success in velouring

ANDRITZ needlepunch solution for products of suppliers for the automotive industry

When it comes to automotive, your success depends on a perfect knowledge of production conditions and the corresponding expertise  in this field. Needlepunch lines from ANDRITZ guarantee a constant quality at a high level of production capacity and will provide the  right foundation for your success.  

Solution supplier

ANDRITZ offers you fully engineered, turnkey solutions by integrating the right equipment from ANDRITZ and its core partners. ANDRITZ engineering capabilities give you cost-efficient, flexible, and reliable needle punch lines, from opening up and blending the fibers, right through to the end of the line. ANDRITZ also offers off-line velouring solutions.

High-performance lines for velour production

Demo configuration for the production of automotive velour


State-of-the-art ANDRITZ needleloom velour

  • Velour needleloom (2 boards) = up to 16,000 needles/m
  • Double velour (4 boards/2 + 2) up to 40,000 needles/m
  • ANDRITZ wide boards = 320 mm
  • Excellent low and high pile
  • Automotive felts from 120 gsm to > 800 gsm
  • Up to 2,000 strokes per minute
  • From 2.28 m to 5.3 m width
  • Up to 20 meters per minute
  • Standard horizontal brush conveyor with two needling zones (2 + 2 boards)
  • 2-layer composite mechanical binding
  • Easy cleaning process thanks to a spiked cylinder with adjustable gap settings and a suction blade to remove dust and fibers

ANDRITZ SDV velour needleloom

Patented ANDRITZ brush

High-efficiency brushes

  • Angled brush and tighter brush-tobrushalignment breaking the geo-metric harmonics of the brush rows
  • Wide and stable brushes
  • Random needling pattern provides greater flexibility in terms of advanced pitch, with no marking as a favorable side effect
  • Great fabric surface evenness
  • Uniform bristle density and bristle height, extending brush lifetime
  • Balanced brush density
  • Consistent loop
  • Fast and easy brush replacement (both at the edges or in the middle)

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