Needlepunch for glass fiber composite products

ANDRITZ needlepunch solution for products of suppliers for the automotive and other industries

When it comes to glass fiber materials for automotive, filtration, windmills, or yachting, your success depends on high-capacity equipment as well as efficient cleaning and dedusting solutions. ANDRITZ eXcelle needlepunch lines provide this performance, keeping maintenanceto a minimum. 

Solution supplier

ANDRITZ offers you fully engineered, turnkey solutions in integrating the right equipment from ANDRITZ and its core partners. ANDRITZ engineering capabilities give you cost-efficient, flexible, and reliable needlepunch lines, from opening up and blending the fibers, right through to the end of the line.

High-performance lines for glass fiber composite production

Demo configuration of needlepunch line for glass fiber composite materials

High-level technical expertise

  • Complete production lines for heavy duty needling processes
  • Fabric weight of up to 5,000 gsm
  • Production in excess of 800 kg/ (depending on glass percentage in blend and card working width)
  • Suitable for a 100% glass fiber needlepunch production

Premium carding

  • Fancy roller for card main cylinder
  • Innovative and patented doffer cleaners (top and bottom)
  • ISM and ISSP air management system to operate long runs
  • Easy card opening to facilitate maintenance

Needling know-how

  • Reliable needlelooms and outstanding life expectancy
  • Elliptic pre-cylinder tacker (pre-needler), with no draft despite the slippery glass fibers,symmetric pre-needling, with mechanical kinematics kept away from glass dust
  • Heavy-duty needlelooms, eccentric bearings, protected against abrasive fibers
  • Extensive dedusting systems to keep the environment clean

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