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aXcess batt and felt drafters

A large range of batt and felt drafters ensure perfect control of the product throughout the process.

ANDRITZ Nonwoven offers two ranges of drafters that can be combined in a production line:

Batt drafters

They are located after the crosslapper. ANDRITZ provides models with 15 to 27 rolls and with or without integrated by-pass system.
Main benefits are:

  • Fiber reorientation in machine direction (MD) to obtain a more isotropic and stronger final nonwoven fabric as well as improved dimensional stability and fiber cohesion.
  • Higher production throughput thanks to enabling the use of heavier card web, especially for final lightweight nonwoven fabrics.


Felt drafters

Felt drafters are located between or after needlelooms.

Main benefits are:

  • Fiber reorientation in the product with improvement of dimensional stability, reduction of fabric elongation
  • Higher production throughput

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