A50R needle board introduction

Specialties in needleloom technology

Customized needlelooms to match specific process requirements

  • Random velour needleloom, type SDV
    Mainly dedicated to automotive and domestic market applications, the ANDRITZ design distinguishes itself with its patented, angled brush alignment. It ensures a long-lasting random and even velour aspect and requires lower needling density than conventional market solutions. It is available in working widths of up to 5.3 m with single or double frames.
  • Rib structuring needleloom, type SDB
    Heavy-duty needleloom with lamellar bed plate and high speed production capacity for carpet applications. Its production capacity allows the needleloom to be installed inline with the pre-needling production line, thus saving handling costs.
  • Needleloom for natural and shoddy fibers, type A.50-RD
    Specific needleloom for processing dusty fibers and heavy mats. It mainly applies to market applications such as furniture, bedding, and automotive insulation felts. Its design and auxiliary equipment allow high production capacity with low-cleaning maintenance requirements.
  • Needleloom for mineral and ceramic fibers, type A.35
    Specific needleloom for processing high-temperature fiber mats, with high stroke height (100 mm). The A.35 needleloom offers a double stroke capacity (needling from top and bottom) and ensures longer part lifetime because the mechanical parts are protected from the dusty and abrasive needling zone.
  • Pilot needleloom
    For special or limited-scale applications, ANDRITZ offers the A.50-RL needlelooms in 1.50 m working width with down-punch, up-punch, or double punch set-up. Typical applications include carbon fiber felts, low-scale production batches, etc.
np-rib needleloom-eXcelle range

Rib structuring needleloom : SDB

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