ANDRITZ Asselin-Thibeau crosslapper, top view

State-of-the-art aXcess crosslappers

Leading technology for best production efficiency and excellent product properties

The ANDRITZ Nonwoven crosslapping technology is based on long years of experience and continuous innovations.

For the aXcess lines ANDRITZ offers the Elite and Active conventional horizontal crosslappers with long textile path for cards and/or processes requiring input speed of up to 70 m/min.

Depending on the model, crosslappers can be offered for cards with up to 3.5 m working width and for delivery aprons up to 15 m wide. All transfer carriages and aprons are individually motorized in order to control the batt weight distribution.

All ANDRITZ crosslappers are designed for easy installation in nonwovens production lines. They contribute towards a remarkable reduction in production costs because the improved regularity saves fibers.

ANDRITZ crosslapper in an aXcess line      

ANDRITZ Asselin-Thibeau crosslapper, top view

ANDRITZ Nonwoven crosslapper

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