ANDRITZ carding technology for direct lines with 2 eXcelle cards

eXcelle cards for direct lines

Cards designed for high production levels

eXcelle cards for direct lines are available in working widths of up to 5.1 m with different delivery configurations, thus offering best solutions for the producers’ requirements in terms of throughput and product characteristics.

The eXcelle cards supplied can be fitted with one, two, or three doffers (VarioWeb). The webs are transferred from the card with solid or mesh aprons positioned either horizontally or vertically.

eXcelle TT card

A revolutionary concept within the ANDRITZ eXcelle range is the IsoWeb TT card. It provides very good web uniformity and a low MD:CD ratio at high speed. For spunlace process, this card is perfectly designed to match the expectations of wipes producers and – depending on fiber and production conditions – can produce web at very high speed: up to 300 m/min.

The state-of-the-art design with quick and easy accessibility for maintenance and service is user-friendly and very productive.

Carding technology for direct lines

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