Jetlace series for spunlace process

As a result of its unique experience in the spunlace industry, ANDRITZ offers the widest range of Jetlace hydroentenglement units to cover the need of all producers around the world

Jetlace Essentiel

Jetlace Essentiel is perfectly designed to produce lightweight fabrics from 20 to 120 gsm at very high speeds up to 400 m/min. Jetlace Essentiel is ideal for the production of most synthetic/natural lightweight fabrics for hygiene, medical, and wipes applications. Scaled to meet various line capacity requirements, machines are available in 3.75, 4.00, 4.25, 4.5, and 4.75 m widths. Jetlace Essentiel is designed to reduce maintenance and operating costs and is ruggedly designed for 24-hour production with easy access and user friendly operation.

Jetlace Evolution

Jetlace Evolution is for the production of durable nonwovens such as automotive, coating or filtration substrates. Jetlace Evolution lines are usually equipped with cross-lappers to create nonwovens with a balanced MD:CD ratio. Jetlace Evolution is available in widths up to 4.5 m and is able to produce from 30 to 400 gsm spunlace fabrics.

Jetlace CottonPad

Jetlace CottonPad is the hydroentanglement system for cotton pads and cotton wipes production. It retains bulk and delivers perfect surface evenness. It is compact in size, with widths up to 3.6 m and a product range from 30 to 270 gsm. In order to customize pads fabrics with creative patterns, spunlace producers can add the optional Perfojet unit.

Jetlace 3000

Jetlace 3000 unit is fully customizable and can meet virtually all production requirements concerning capacity, line speed, fabric weight, machine width, and machine layout. Jetlace 3000 is perfectly designed to manufacture nonwovens fabrics for filtration, industrial wipes, agricultural, and surgical applications. It can operate up to 1,000 m/min and is available in widths of up to 7.0 m.

Jetlace Essentiel is optimized and rationalized for lightweight products.

Jetlace Essentiel is optimized and rationalized for lightweight products


Jetlace Evolution is optimized for the production of durable nonwovens for mechanical uses

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