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Spunlaid calenders solutions

ANDRITZ Nonwoven raises the bar for technologies right from bonding to finishing till drying for spunlaid nonwovens production lines.

To achieve highest capabilities, reproducibility, reliability turn to our thermobonding and finishing processes. ANDRITZ Nonwoven offers spot-on solutions customized to your special needs. This encompasses every aspect in calenders, spunjet, finshing and dryers.

ANDRITZ offers a whole range of first-class calender systems for medium capacities, from the ANDRITZ compact and aXccess calenders to the speed king, the neXcal twin pro, with 1,300 m/min for high production capacities.

Find below all about nonwovens calendering:


Bond your nonwoven with spot-on calendering processes

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Finishing solutions

ANDRITZ offers finishing technologies customized for different chemical finishes, mechanical surface treatments, and lamination results needed.

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ANDRITZ Nonwoven dryers, where innovation and cost-efficiency meet

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Spunjet technology spearheads a new generation of nonwovens with added-valued properties such as bulk, softness, drape, and tensile strength.

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Technical centers

Nonwovens and textiles technical centers.

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