Start by sorting textile waste

Automated sorting is a decisive element for more efficiency and productivity in the entire recycling process of textiles

Optimize the fiber quality: The sorting of textile waste is one of the most important pillars to optimize the quality of recycled fibers. It is a bottleneck and an essential element within the recycling value chain. The automation of this process adds clear value to the entire process.

The automated sorting process

Innovative and automated sorting allows to separate clothes, depending on the nature of fibers and/or colors. During this process, hard elements will be removed in order to obtain a material ready for mechanical recycling by tearing or chemical processing.
ANDRITZ offers a wide range of tearing machines, which are suitable for many applications, for both the spinning and nonwoven markets.

Collaboration leads to success

The unique process for automated sorting is the result of a long-term collaboration between ANDRITZ, Nouvelles Fibres Textiles and Pellenc ST, France. These three companies have enormous combined expertise in sorting technologies, post-consumer textile value chains from sorting to manufacturing and textile machinery as well as automation processes. We leverage their decades of expertise and experience to create the best solution for this huge challenge of textile sorting.

Automated sorting line at Nouvelles Fibres Textiles, France


Towards a closed loop of circularity

ANDRITZ and Nouvelles Fibres Textiles opened the very first industrial line in France dedicated to textile sorting using a closedloop process. These new opportunities provided by Nouvelles Fibres
Textiles allows on-the-ground circularity to be promoted for textiles, to guarantee traceability of recycled materials while reducing the environmental impact and carbon footprint of the textile industry.

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