Be innovative with airlay technology

ANDRITZ airlay technology opens the world to the efficient production of various durable nonwovens

ANDRITZ Laroche is a unique competence center for airlay technology. With close to a century of experience in the fine art of nonwoven processing, we offer high quality, efficient and proven solutions.

Our technical center offers you the possibility to test and verify our technical solutions on industrial equipment and our sales and spare parts team follows each customer to the end of the life of the machines.

Various end-uses come from Airlay process

What do cosmetic pads, acoustic nonwovens, and insulation materials for cars all have in common? These are all products based on airlay process. Possible end-uses can be found in bedding, furniture,, carpet underlay, horticultural, insulation, automotive, geotextile, or filtration. The automotive industry in particular benefits from the versatility of materials derived from airlay production. 

Now and in the future: Airlay nonwovens are an important cornerstone in automotive production

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Almost 100

years of experience

Versatile applications

for bedding, furniture, carpet underlay, horticultural, insulation, automotive, geotextile, filtration

Best practice and service

due to many years experience in the relevant markets

High compatibility

ANDRITZ machines are perfectly matched to each other, regardless of the type of production

Different airlay configurations incl. pre-process of opening and blending, also based on ANDRITZ machines


ANDRITZ Airlay Flexiloft


Airlay: Bedding, insulation

Airlay: Bedding, automotive, furniture, geotextiles, insulation

ANDRITZ Airlay lines:

Airlay Flexiloft

Complete lines with needle-punching, thermobonding and/or other bonding processes for bedding, furniture, carpet underlay, horticultural, insulation, automotive, geotextile, filtration.

Airlay Airfelt Resinfelt

New line for the production of semicured resinated felts for flat or molded parts for the automotive and appliance industries.

Airlay Airfelt

The Airfelt is a simpler type of vertical Airlay which retains the advantages of true air forming technology dedicated mostly to automotive, bedding and furniture felts.

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